Toolbox 'How to build the bridge'

Effective cooperation is expected to produce increased involvement of the parents in the education of their children, resulting in better prerequisites for a successful school career. It is especially in transitions (pre-school-school etc) that a successful cooperation between school and home must prove its worth. Sustainably effective cooperation must be firmly anchored in the schools’ structures in the school-to-school transition periods and set in motion through the implementation of understandable and easily accessible support courses, measures and projects. Attention should be paid to overcoming the barriers documented in the literature, like, for instance, “mutual language problems and cultural otherness”. The modules in this toolbox serve to support the cooperation between school and parents, and offer a whole range of methods for use in INSET.


4.1 Empowering parents

4.2 Parents as learning aides – Homework assistance
     4.2.1 Pre-reading skills
     4.2.2 Reading skills
     4.2.3 Early-number skills
     4.2.4 Homework assistance (PPT)
4.3 Bilingual Story Bags
     4.3.1 Evaluation: Story Bags
4.4 “Sprachbox”
4.5. Parents' Guides - A module for involving parents from an immigrant background
4.6. Student Portfolio - A bridge between school and family
     4.6.1. Evaluation: Student Portfolio