Toolbox 'Collaborating with Parents'

Practical activities that promote family involvement in the school

The participation of the different actors that take part in the school scene is both a right and a duty that guarantees quality education. The ideal interaction between both systems –the family and the school- requires time, effort, training and research.
This project is presented as a training activity to make the members of the education community more sensitive towards the need to reduce the gap between the school and the families, with special attention to those of immigrant origin or cultural minorities.


3.1 How to develop a master plan for an information and communication set-up in school
     3.1.1 Status quo and planning
3.2 Setting targets
     3.2.1 The internet as an information platform for schools and parents
     3.2.2 School newsletters
     3.2.3 Insights into everyday work in the classroom
3.3 Case studies
     3.3.1 Shoulder to shoulder
     3.3.2 Visits to parents Visiting and inviting parents (PPT)
     3.3.3 Open day Evaluation: Open Day
     3.3.4 Parents’ Day at Pablo Picasso Saint Etienne du Rouvray
3.4 Improving the conditions for a home–school dialogue
3.5 Four seasons for co-operation
     3.5.1 Evaluation: Four seasons for co-operation
3.6 Parents as partners – Parental involvement in everyday school life
     3.6.1 Evaluation: Parents as partners