Académie de Rouen - France

The Rector’s Office is the decentralised administration which applies and causes to be applied all the measures to manage education in school institutions in a given area. Thus, the Rector manages teaching policy in the Rouen Regional Education Authority, representing the region of Haute Normandie, covering the two départements of l’Eure (27) and Seine Maritime (76). He deals with teaching in the pre-primary and primary areas (ages 3 to 10) and in secondary education (ages10 to 18).

The administration is required to regularly evaluate the teaching done and to compare the results on a regular basis. It also provides Further Education for the teachers.

The Rector is directly responsible for the teaching done in the Regional Education Authority’s remit and in a position to put forward a concrete analysis of the participation of parents in education in the context of the project, to find out what the people concerned think on this topic and to disseminate material and the findings revealed by the project among the teachers of the region.

Information sur le projet, voir Involve Parents - Improve School