Directorate General for Quality, Educational Innovation and Teacher Training - Valladolid - Spain

The General Direction for Quality, Innovative and Teacher Education is a principal administrative unit of the Consejería de Educación which is the Department of Education of the Autonomous Government of Castilla y León. Its responsibilities are in the areas of educational statistics, the educational website of the region, quality, innovative, and teacher education, ICT in education and European projects.

The General Direction is composed of four units of which the Unit for Innovative Education will be directly involved in this project. This unit is also responsible for the COMENIUS and Grundtvig actions in the LLLP for the region and coordinates projects with the northern and central regions of Portugal. The Spanish partner is highly experienced in educational campaigns and therefore interested in spreading awareness-raising information for use in Spain and beyond. The Innovative Education Unit will be responsible for the implementation of the project in the region, but our General Direction has also asked the Teacher Education Unit to participate in the project in their role as an initial and in-service training institution for head teachers at the 32 Teacher Education Centres in Castilla y León.

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