Toolbox 'Networking'

Creating networks to improve education in a district

The objective of this project is to explain how the different agents that participate in the education system (families, teachers, educational services, etc.) and live in a specific district can create networks to plan the actions to carry out during a long period of time in order to improve the quality of the education process in demographic areas where there is a high multi-cultural concentration that presents special socio-cultural difficulties.


1.1 Reasons for networking
1.2 Training course network management
1.3 Reach out to the parents and involve them
      1.3.1 Networking: case studies Parents’ Café The Bridging Year: Organisation of networks within a project chain International Children's Town
      1.3.2 Exemplary project: Roderbruch Comprehensive School network (Hannover)
1.4 Creating networks to improve education in a district of Valladolid (Spain)
      1.4.1 Multi-Annual Improvement Area Plan (PPT)
      1.4.2 Seminario de zona Pajarillos-Pilarcia