Press cuttings
    • Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 14th December, 2007: "Bessere Schulen mit den Eltern", more
    • Time, 8th November, 2009:"To Help the Kids, Parents Go Back to School", more
    • Le Monde, 2nd January, 2010: President Sarkozy intends to start a new debate on French national identity in 2010 - "Un style plus rassembleur", more
    • Kehrwieder Zeitung am Sonntag, 24th January, 2010: "Sprachförderung im Huckepackverfahren", more
    • Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 27th January, 2010: "Zahl der Migranten steigt - Weniger Chancengleichheit für Zuwanderer", more
    • Welt am Sonntag, 31st January, 2010: "Holland ohne Kompass gegenüber dem Islam", more
    • Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 5th February, 2010: "Rucksackprojekt auch in Oststadt", more
    • Le Monde, 6th February, 2010: "Un rapport consensuel sur les statistiques ethniques", more
      Commissioner Sabeg on key success factors: "Yazid Sabeg, l'ovni de la diversité", more
      "Mesure de la diversité", more
    • Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 17th February, 2010: "Hilflose Schüler, hilflose Eltern", more
    • Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 13th March, 2010: "Damit Kinder eine Chance haben", more
    • Time, 1st March, 2010: "Southern Europe's Immigration Test", more
    • Le Monde, 2nd March, 2010: "Le bleu et le noir", more
    • Welt kompakt, 18th March, 2010: "Integration nach Plan", more
    • Welt am Sonntag, 21st March, 2010: "Leitkultur trifft Multikulti", more
    • British Council, April 27th, 2010: Together with the Open Society Institute, the British Council is launching an important report on the level and nature of integration of Muslims in eleven cities across Europe, more
    • 29th June, 2010: International Conference on Muslims in Europe, held by the Open Society Institute and the British Council.
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