The Synopsis of Activities and Projects - Best Practice Examples

In the first phase of the project, a synopsis of the activities and of the projects on "Parental Involvement"  in the participating countries was put together. Each partner additionally gathered data on the topic in two further European countries. The partners collected best practice examples with background information on legal and administrative regulations, with special reference to the laws and regulations that refer to the representation of parents in school.

The synopsis can only be a rundown at a given moment, as so much is in a state of flux. It reveals that the increased involvement of educationally disadvantaged families in school affairs cannot be achieved through single measures, but rather only via a systematic course of action, as already practised in some countries. The synopsis, with its pointers towards the appropriate measures and programmes in the different European countries provides the initial launching pad for the project work.

1. Introduction: Project survey with trends and recommendations

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2. Country Reports (English versions, plus Deutschland)


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The national language versions can be found under the institutional websites of the project partners.